21 thoughts at the emergency vet

When I was a junior in college I got a 9-week old kitten. Best decision of my life. I can vividly remember being at the Bangor Humane Society and looking for a fun and frisky boy kitten. While I was looking at one hyper active tabby, a little ball of fur no bigger than the […]

The story of me and bees part 1

Close your eyes and think about the last time you felt alive. The kind of alive where every cell in your body is vibrating at a frequency perfectly in tune with all that is surrounding you and you are not in conflict with anything. A time when you felt like a pure human being; part […]

Hannaford to ugly produce –Looks are not everything

Last week Hannaford launched a pilot program offering discounted produce. Shoppers can now find a selection of “misfits” at a considerably reduced cost. Modern grocery stores have been known to perpetuate an unrealistic standard of beauty for our produce, resulting in an uncomfortable amount of food waste. Hannaford taking this step will help reduce food […]