If we celebrated Maines birthday like we do our Facebook friends birthdays

Girl, where do I even begin? For starters, we have been through so much together already. 197 years ago you started your life journey. I know it must have been hard for you leaving Massachusetts like that, but I am glad you did because you’ve become an amazing state to me. You have literally been there for me my whole life. Sometimes it feels like you are always the solid ground under my feet. Even though you are totally beautiful it’s your heart of gold that we all treasure about you. Maine, I could have used any one of the millions of gorgeous photos I have of you one my camera roll, but I chose this one of us back in 2012 looking adorable together LOL! Here’s to many more adventures together! Cheers to you Maine! Xoxo!



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Jasmine Haines

About Jasmine Haines

Jasmine J. Haines is an Aroostook county native and the 6th generation raised on her family’s farm in Fort Fairfield. Self-proclaimed "Maine's biggest fan". This is her agricultural adventure.