A throw back Thursday — only in The County edition


Just a girl standing in front of a horse asking if it wants to go to Marden’s next

I often try to explain the magic of Aroostook County to folks who have never been there. Actually, I seem to find myself telling anyone who will listen about how special of a place it is. This is a throwback from about 3 years ago. I was helping my dad organize the Aroostook County Farm Bureau annual meeting at the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum. He sent me to the Wal-Mart in Presque Isle to get some supplies. It had started out as a beautiful October day, but by the time I got into to town a snow squall had popped up. I covered my hair with a scarf (I had spent like an hour doing my hair that day) and ran inside and gathered the supplies we needed and then ran back to my car. There parked next to me was a charming horse hooked up to a buggy. At Wal-Mart. Just like it was no big deal. Suddenly the state of my hair became less important and I opted instead to ask him what he was doing here and if I could get a selfie. Only in The County folks.



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Jasmine Haines

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Jasmine J. Haines is an Aroostook county native and the 6th generation raised on her family’s farm in Fort Fairfield. Self-proclaimed "Maine's biggest fan". This is her agricultural adventure.